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Pro Hair and Makeup vs DIY

Before you decide to do you own hair and/or makeup yourself for your wedding, photo shoot, or other event, here are a few things to consider first!

A professional makeup artist is trained in all things skin. This includes dry skin, oily skin, dark skin, pale skin, and the cosmetics to go with it. Not all cosmetics are created equally, and they definitely do not photograph the same. You can expect to wear at least 30% more makeup than you usually would, even for an "every day look." Lighting and flash photography are very important things that I pro considers with every application. They will know how dark or light your makeup needs to be to translate in photos or on stage. They will make sure your features don't get lost in the flash. It starts with makeup, photoshop is not the answer. Let a pro take care of you!

A professional hairstylist is trained in all things hair. A pro can work with several different types of textures and mold it into a masterpiece that will last for hours. Nobody wants their hair to fall or look greasy. A pro knows exactly how to use all the tools and products and knows all the little tricks! They can use many bobby pins with out one being seen. Thin hair? Extensions? A pro stylist has seen it all and can help you achieve the best look possible.

Having a hair and makeup professional do the work gives you one less thing to worry about. So if you are getting married, having a photo shoot done, or preparing for an event, you have enough things to worry about as it is. You want everything to be perfect. Perfect outfit, perfect location, perfect food, and perfect hair and makeup!! Save yourself the time and the stress. Go with a pro and you will be glad you did!!

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