I thought for my first blog post on the new site, I would introduce myself! My name is Jocelyn and I love doing hair and makeup! I, by no means, am a writer...so bear with me!! I started doing hair in high school but didn't attend cosmetology school until much later. I went to Penrose Academy formerly Kohler Academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. I was glad to have gone to a beauty school that nurtured dreams and creativity! In 2010, I moved to New Jersey and worked at an amazing salon in Northvale, NJ called Salon S. In my free time, I started freelancing doing weddings with a celebrity makeup artist named Jacqui Phillips. She taught me so much about the industry and a lot more about makeup! I am extremely grateful to have met her because I had so many amazing opportunities after working with her. She introduced me to television and fitness competition makeup. I worked on MTV and VH1 shows like Mob Wives, Ten on top, and Sara and Nikki Live, and worked with celebrities like Montel Williams and Chazz Palmenteri. I eventually left my salon job to pursue more freelancing and start Jocelyn Hair and Makeup. Around that same time period, I had started my fitness journey. At my first competition, I had an epiphany. Every female backstage needed hair and makeup. Everybody backstage needed me!! At that same competition, I met NJ photographer Ludwig Araujo. That was when my focus really changed. The partnership that I had with him was one of the most amazing experiences. He was a great friend and mentor!! My business wouldn't have been the same without him. After 5 years of fitness photo shoots and traveling the states doing competition makeup, It was time for me to head back home to Arizona. I have been back in Arizona for 2 years now, but I still travel to shows and continue to do hair and makeup for weddings, photo shoots, and still do regular salon services. You never know where life will take you! If you had asked me at 25 years old if I would be working in Time Square doing hair for the MTV New Years Eve show in a few years, I would've laughed in your face. Now at 33, nothing surprises me and I love what I do even more!! I hope that you enjoyed this very abridged version of my career journey!! Please continue to follow and subscribe. XOXO